Sunday, November 14, 2004

November 14 (Remembrance Sunday): Smoking. I wake up roughly and cold. Slacker by Linklater has downloaded onto my computer so I begin my day by watching that, hoping it helps to clear my mind. Fails.

At 10.30 Remembrance Day: The Cenotaph and it is too much to take (in), jaded stunned men past the age of 100 on television saying how they should have joined their friends when they fell. Any comment/gesture/act towards these people and those times feels like disrespect. I have to turn it off.

I step out to do the newspaper run and the Layer Road store only has the News Of The World, meaning I have to step out into humanity a bit more than I wanted to in order to buy a quality newspaper (in search of edutainment). I head to Tesco to get my wares. Fortunately I am able to avoid any interaction above tendering.

Once more I find myself shrinking inside myself, study isn’t happening and neither is anything else, while all this shit is hanging over like a grey cloud, electric thunder storm waiting to happen I can’t concentrate on anything.

This weekend is FA Cup weekend and on BBC is Thurrock vs Oldham. Thurrock were actually the team that put AFC Wimbledon out of the FA Cup this year. And Thurrock is only about 45 minutes down the road. In the end, the game is a real snorer as Oldham score a penalty early in the second half and that is it for the game, which ultimately begs the question, is there actually any entertainment value in showing non-league football teams on TV

In the afternoon I watch Roger And Me which I have just downloaded off Soulseek. It’s interesting and informative. Yup, that’s a good reflection of business all right. A film of people losing their homes, I hope that is not some kind of premonition. This is a film much better than Fahrenheit 9/11, less smug and more human, more tangible with subject matter more likely to affect the viewer rather than dishing the dirt on some millionaire making unethical decisions in a multinational multibillion boardroom. Unethical business occurs in our own communities. Moore was better before he became blinded with Bush.

At 6PM The Simpsons comes on Channel Four and once more Sunday evenings have structure and routine to them again and it is so comforting, in the most trivial/kitsch pondlife way. The Simpsons represents one of those things in life that you can rely on and recently watching the earliest of the early episodes, despite the crap animation, the first series onwards episodes really do hold there own and are totally/completely watchable.

I spend the remainder of the evening limbering up for who knows what I have facing me tomorrow and in the process I find myself watching Jon Ronson’s Crazy Rulers Of The World TV show which tonight features prisoner torture methods such as player the Barney kids music over and over and slipping subliminals into Fleetwood Mac and Matchbox Twenty songs (apparently). It’s all Camp X-Ray stuff, a topic/subject that it is very difficult to get worked up over/about. Its all PSYOPS stuff, a name I have been seeing mentioned in Hunter S. Thompson books of late.

Beyond that, it is the induction night on the Music Hall Of Fame and this sends me to sleep almost immediately.

np: Spinal Tap – Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight


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